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Produced by Gummo.
Recorded by Antoine Sébille & Mathieu Brunet.
Mixed and Mastered by Antoine Sébille.
Artwork and Design by Maxi Cat.


released May 15, 2019


all rights reserved



GUMMO Lille, France

GUMMO. is a grindcore/power violence band from North/France.
We're inspired and influenced by bands like Nasum, Nails, Wormrot, Magrudergrind,..
All vocals of our first LP “Sheltered Despair” are performed by activists from our underground fast-hardcore, grindcore & metal scene.
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Track Name: Sheltered Despair
Millions of bodies
for a dozen of rich
we feed on dust
while those fuckers feast on us
You're a disgrace, you're a disease. We'll get rid of you. Damn you, cunts.
Dance, dance on those ashes.
This world will soon collapse.

They made us pay
we'll make them bleed
it's not over yet
we'll have no rest
Till their head is on a fucking spike

Scumbags. You fucking scumbags.

Tear us apart, tear us apart
we won't yield
Tear us apart, tear us apart
You won't win

You're the fucking cancer of the earth
Track Name: Scumbags
You make me sick.
Always more vile.
Selfishness has reached the paroxysm.

While the world is out of breath.

The mighty crush the poor.
Fatten the shareholders.
Profit goes before human.
The ruling classes despise the people.
Sad morons, you continue to eat in their hand.
You still continue to elect market puppets, the same who sell your future to nebulous multinationals. World is dying.
But profits grown up in defiance of climate and all human decency
Track Name: Strawberry Milkshake
I saw a girl in the sky
I found a leg on my roof
This place has been cut to the ground
All bones now are scattered out
Reasons and humiliation's need
God bless our good actions
This one that my voice is spelling
is rawer than dissection

Jugular's neighbor forms a web
A departure without a return
We never found his head
Mercury: down / Fever: risen
I saw a dog in the sky
I found a friend on my roof
Despite crisis, dream's standing by
Everything turned into sculpture
Dogs died cancellation’s need
Cats died from gravity you're freed
Headache of the day before yesterday,
i was hoping a comforting
Everybody is in everybody, dancing like circular things
Every minute seems an hour
Every hour seems a year
The biggest profit in the humanity makes all your body's part breathing

I saw a girl in the sky, a migratory bird at dawn
From the cogs, from the worst, rats are running hundred times
i saw a girl in the sky
Track Name: Shadow of the Beast
Another sleepless night my face stick on the screen
My eyes are melting and my brain like gelatine
Fingers crooked, bloody nails I’m not feeling so clean
The joypad is now one of my body parts
My chest wide open I can see my heart
Surrounded by creatures lurking the dark
The darkest mountain on its top the Black Monarch

Covered by shit and guts my blade open the path
I’m only seeing red like I’m in a blood bath

I can barely see my feet
All around it’s just dead meat
The wind is infernal heat
My journey almost complete

The Black King staring at me
He’s as tall as the sky can be

My veins full of lava, I’m overheating
All that I want is his suffering
But with the seven hells at his side
I have no chance but at least I tried
In my mouth a taste of cyanide
My end was painful, he turned me into rawhide
They found my body dismembered in my bed
TV on the title screen walls painted in red
Track Name: This is Nothing
This is nothing
No need to worry about our apology speech...
It will be none

Things seems to be cool to you but it’s not

I’m just saying that

Do you know what we’re doing?
This situation is not good

There is probably no other way
Mother earth should start again

Please note,
This is our last chance

For every last of us it’ll be such a surprise
We will pay the price

It won’t happen again
We should promise to learn
Everything we can
Track Name: Harlot of 50 Stars
Seductive as fuck
Here comes the Harlot
She made a lot of money, built a nation of whores
Suck her rotten tits and obey America
She’s always got a trick to reward the vermin

And some repression for the disobedient ones

Fifty stars on her flag, machineguns in her bag x2

And some protection for the submissive ones

The bitch is not afraid to kill her own children
To shit in her own bed, as long as shitting and killing make money


Fifty stars on her flag, machineguns in her bag

And some hamburgers for the starving ones

Built your country on slavery
Extermination of the Natives
WW1 and WW2? Opportunities to break through
When you need some gasoline, make your way to ME
Hurt yourself, strike the twins, but don’t you talk about
Freedom and Peace...


Fifty stars on her flag, machineguns in her bag
Track Name: Shaking Bones
I was a usual punk rock kid
In this shithole I called home
Sniffing glue like everybody did
Until I got Parkinson’s syndrome.

My whole body was shaking
Punk rock didn’t thrill me anymore
Life wasn’t worth living
And I discovered

The pig squeals, the Blast
The inaudible guitars playing too fast
Lyrics about beers, destruction
This shit became my salvation

I found a way to express my anger

Surrounded by stupid headbanger’s

Spitting at everybody’s face
No T-shirt sleeves, no trace of grace
The boss is stomping like a mace
In the pit I found my place

Until I left in this drunk crowd
My bones crushed, screaming out loud
I will not see the next sunset
Drowning in vomit, beer and sweat
Track Name: Triste Sire
Vision prospère
Croyance t'éclaire
On voit les sons faire
Mémoire éphémère

A rester impassible il n'y a aucune gloire
Les sévices qu'on s'accorde n'ont rien de dérisoires

Sans aucun sens moral l'entraide survient en milieu hostile, osent ils?
Dans l'espoir ils se livrent
Des paroles qui enivrent
Dire au revoir pour survivre, interprète les messages

Sans aucun sens moral l'entraide survient en milieu hostile, osent ils?
Des visages qui s'tracassent
Des p'tits tours de passe-passe
J'aime pas quand ça jacasse
Y'a trop de maux qui s'entassent

Vivre tue
Arrêtez maintenant
Track Name: The Final Sleep / Nasum cover
Exercise of futility
To the point of no return
Until we breathe the darkness
And welcome the final sleep

A journey through forgotten realms
Unspoken words now sung so clear
The force of being right
With all your doubts now gone

Exercise of futility
To the point of no return
Until we breed the darkness
And welcome the final sleep
Track Name: Neanderthal Scream
I’m counting the days left, in my cave
A world of shadow and altered light
A nihilistic stance, scanning beyond the fence
Pain, frustration and crash in sight
Lying in a grave dug by overlords slaves,
Dying in a scheme that no one understand
Sit and do nothing
No love, no mercy. Only hate and fear
Denying feelings, proud stupidity
1% to rule them all, idiocraty out of control
When the ship goes down with everyone on board
You always boast of what you would do
A wide dream of nothing

Why everyone so quiet? Let’s jump into the fire!
Hey you! Didi you hear this?
Raw and primitive
My Neanderthal scream comes deep from within

How many times can you accept the failure
of self acclaimed gods – straight into the wall
The classic plan is to create the need
and make you believe you must hang to be fed
You pray, you paid
The high price for cheap spirituality
Animal kingdom sent into dust
One species left living by he guns trust

Ans i will keep on kickin’that bag of lies and myths
On fire in the ice country
Why everyone is so quiet? x5
Track Name: Loss & Regret
A creepy family
A tortured mind
Just a few persons truly know
How much he’s hurt inside

Always a smile on his face
To hide his distress
Even betrayed and disgrace
That never stopped his kindness

Nobody could save him
Not even his beloved one

No let-up until he chooses to die
Straight and fast like he loved to live

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